Deep linking is a proven method for helping to raise a website’s rankings. Larger websites in particular can benefit from this strategy since not every page can be linked from the home page. LinkSpawn is one way to manage this strategy automatically for large websites with very little effort.


No website will achieve high search engine rankings without links. They’re used by search engines not only to determine a page’s relevancy but also to determine which pages will be indexed. Search engines do not index every web page and pages that do not receive good links may be left out.

Deep linking is linking to pages other than the home page of a website. Any web page that has high quality unique content will attract links from other websites. But it’s always a good idea to follow up new content with some active link building.

This helps the ranking of the pages that are linked which also helps the site’s relevancy in general. Building deep links to highly relevant web pages solidifies a website’s position as king of its niche. As a website is expanded, deep links also ensure that new pages receive just as much attention as established pages.

With larger websites it can sometimes be difficult to organize a campaign beyond the first few levels. With today’s high performance database driven websites tens of thousands of pages can be added in a short period of time and they all need links. Manually organizing these pages to ensure that each is well indexed can be a daunting task.

LinkSpawn Automates Deep Linking

LinkSpawn automates the work of distributing deep links across content networks to raise the visibility of each and every page. LinkSpawn a website and it will create a custom RSS feed that provides links for all the pages of a website. LinkSpawn automatically crawls the entire website and stores the URLs and page titles. Each time the RSS feed is fetched, LinkSpawn will randomly select a different set of URLs for the feed. Publish the given RSS feed to as many different websites and web pages as possible. As Google picks up the links published through the RSS feeds it is more likely that the pages will be indexed and their relevancy will increase.

LinkSpawn makes it possible to harness thousands of pages to automatically deep link to any website. There is also an option for a custom link list to highlight only the most important pages or even multiple domains. The custom lists make it easy to update a set of most important URLs and feed that into hundreds or thousands of pages.

Content is King But It’s an Orphan Without Links

Google has always stated that its goal is to provide the search results to the highest quality content it can find. The Penguin update proved that high quality content can rank with the best ranked websites around. But without good indexing from a deep linking strategy, some of that content may never see the SERPs. can help automate this across a content network but whatever method is chosen, deep links are a necessity in today’s SEO strategy.

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