Google is one of the top high ranking web search engine introduced by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in1997. Now Google is available in multilingual languages with URL www.google.com. If Google search engine was not introduced it would be practically very difficult to get our required information relevant to our keyword search. Google uses patented PageRank a trademark algorithm to rank its search result on SERP (Search engine result page).

Factor’s for web page ranking: The PageRank algorithm analyzes the human created links and provides a score for the page based on weighted sum of PageRanks. There are few factors which plays a role in web page ranking they are:

*Location of keyword and its frequency,

*Web page with long history and frequent website updating,

*Providing relevant links as higher as possible. Specialization of Google search engine: Google has certain special features which helps the Google to get more users. Some of the specialized features are as follows;

*Google search engine has numerous applications like,

*You,Search,Image,Maps,Play,YouTube,News,Gmail,Documents,Calander,More includes Orkut ,Translate ,Books ,Bloggers ,Reader ,Photos ,etc…

*Initially Google has introduced free Gmail account for limited number of users, but now anybody can create Gmail account freely.

*Google Docs was another free service which promoted the popularity of Google. In Google Docs one can store documents in Google’s server and access them online. Method to get high ranking in Google search engine: Google has obtained trust from users worldwide, so if anybody wants to get more traffic to their website means they need to follow some methods.

*Phrases used in webpage The phrases used for describing the services plays major role while people search using keyword search, so the website should have most commonly used words.

*Launching new website: When launching new website it is impossible to get more traffic within short duration. The reason behind was the website ranking is given according to the trust in website, the age of the domain used to create website, content updating period, the age of domain, speed at which links are acquired, the duration for registration of the domain for hosting.

*Click through rates: While creating webpage always have click through rates by which the Google Search Engine score card for the website can be increased while people click through the site. The Click through rate is based on the CTR of advertising on your site.

*Ranking according to seasons and trends: The Google page ranking technique has the ability to provide ranking to the website according to the seasons and trends. If it is a Christmas season there will be high traffic to online cake shopping, online cloth shopping etc…

*Updating your site: Always try to provide new contents to your site which drives more traffic to your site. While updating the website always keep a constant frequency.

*Rank by user behavior: Google tracks the visitors and monitor them and rank the site according to the duration of the visitor’s stay and the keyword used to reach your site. Google ranks your site by analyzing the domain owner and their popularity, so dedicated hosting from a popular domain is very expensive.

*Evaluating by external links: If your website has external links to other pages with relevant link will be considered to be useful, for example if your company is dealing with food then provide link of the state food department at your website.

* Provide Footer links: Always provide links without any spam, because a spammed link site may be the reason for devaluation by the search engine.

*Anchor Text: The anchor text used in the keyword should be changed occasionally, so that you can get more links pointing your site.

*Website age: The Google search ranking is provided according to the age called “sandbox” effects. But due to recent invasion by popular blogs and social media the advantage of “sandbox” effect was lost.

*Validation code for webpage: Always design a website adhering to the web standard. Google has emphasis a code validation foe websites.

*Css navigation: If the search engine was unable to find the link to your page, then your site won’t appear on search result. If you have CSS navigation link on your site then it can ensure that the search engine can find your site.

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