Since the introduction of web, it was always vulnerable to attacks such as hacking and virus attacks. A hacking means an unauthorized entry or penetration into a network or system to have complete control of the administrative functions (edit, delete or install). Hackers use software bugs to give him a super-user control power. They hackers are gaining access to the system by stealing the identity. Many often, hackers use emails to get access. They attach executable files with attractive themes and while you open it automatically installs a program in your system and that program working itself without your support. The worst part of it is that the running of program in the background will not be known to anybody.

How can you save yourself from the hackers? Keeping you updated about the latest technology, trends and attacks will be the first step. Updating your software and scripts will be the next step. You should update your software with the latest program patches introduced by the developer so that any vulnerability discovered by them might have rectified. While you are updating the software in your system, it automatically overwrite any hidden bug in it and will enhance its operational ability.

Also, use of external plug in such as a pen drive or scripts, codes and installation of any file into your system offered by somebody. While you install any of these from any source, before installing, should be ensured that it is not harmful to your system. Always use a secured antivirus, antimalware & antispyware software on your computer to ensure maximum safety, because if infected files are uploaded to the ftp server then there are chances that more files could get corrupted and even visitors who access your web pages can also get effected.

Passwords which are strong - means it contains case sensitive and alpha numeric characters - are used for hosting accounts cPanel and FTP functions. A dictionary based common word is vulnerable to be exposed. Also keep them changed frequently. Names of people, place and date of birth etc. are stolen very easily. Check for Trojan or virus and effective cleaning frequently should keep them away.

A back up of your system will make sure that even though you are a victim of attacks, your data not lost and it can be replaced. A reliable web host will make your life more easier. Check out different online backup options which are hosted on the cloud and are most secure.

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